Nejlika - Carnation

I get inspired by open spaces, when I step into an empty room, I see how things take shape. I'm building a fantasy world where nothing is impossible, where everything can just be and look how they want to. We are influenced by how things should look, and I want to let go of such constrictions. I want people to walk into a room and be surprised and create joy in their lives through interior decor. It was because of the large, empty room that I got the idea for my large-scale rug.

The Carnation was born from my love of cut flowers. I went to a greenhouse to find inspiration for a pattern, and when I opened the door, the first thing that met me was the purple carnation. I love working with living materials, nature is so creative and there's so much we do not yet know. With nature as inspiration, there is room for playfulness, scale and detail.

My rug, Carnation, is for those who dare to look beyond the box and squared. With the rugs unpredictable form, rich color palette and size, it can transform any room into a work of art. I want it to give a WOW! factor to the interior.

This luxurious rug is made by Swedish artisans, it is hand tufted and hence each rug is unique. It is made with environmentally friendly products and work methods. The rug can be used both on the floor or as a wall hanging. It absorbs sounds and creates a peaceful environment.

Carnation facts:
Dimensions : 3 - 7 meters in diameter
Weight: 27 kg , for 3 m

Wool from New Zealand, dyed in Sweden.
Linen from France, dyed in Italy.
Using metal-free environmently-friendly pigments.