My Story

As a small child in school I was tasked with painting a landscape. I made a large, beautiful blue tree with a dramatic green sky behind it. I was promptly told by my teacher that this was not realistic and therefore wrong and outright silly. Even if I was young, I knew that I wasn't wrong at all. Who is to tell what's wrong or right and how things should look?

Who is to tell what's wrong or right and how things should look?

In my teens I painted my whole room as a circus tent with red doors and the ceiling striped in red and white. I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved the result and I loved living in that room.

Since then I've been on a mission trying to make the world around me a bit less boring and conformist, transforming spaces with my craft, often in surprising and unconventional ways. Just like my middle school teacher, we are too influenced by how things should look and I want to let go of such constrictions.

To choose a career as an artisan was a natural choice for me, not only because it's a passion, but also because I come from a long line of artisans and designers. Amongst my ancestors originating from Finland are goldsmiths for House of Fabregé and artisans working with Haute couture.

I feel that I have inherited a sense of professional pride and belief in hard work that I try to practice in my own work. Even though the life of an artisan is not always an easy one, it's all worth it when I can make someone's world more beautiful. I want people to walk into a room and be surprised and I want to create joy in people’s lives through interior design. If I hear a surprised ”Wow!" I know I've succeeded.

That is what I am aiming for; interior design with a "Wow!" factor.